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Bertha Ovens

We are proud to have partnered with the Bertha Oven Company to produce their innovative charcoal ovens. With domestic and catering models available, the Bertha Oven comes in a range of colours and is certainly a must have for food lovers.
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What makes Betha unique?

100% designed and built in Britain The unique ‘tall’ design means it takes up less space in the kitchen The ‘tall’ cooking chambers means it’s incredibly versatile, giving a range of cooking temperatures from the bottom to the top A choice of fuels (charcoal or wood) Available worldwide and in a colour of your choice
Bertha oven logo Black domestic unit Inside the black domestic unit
For more product information, photos and updates please visit Bertha Ovens directly by clicking here, or send them an email at sales@berthaoven.com
Leisure Products (Bolton) Ltd
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Insect mesh screens

Our insect mesh screens are designed to be used with HVAC filtration systems to prevent bugs or any other debris from entering the air filter system. The screen is made from stainless steel mesh which is enclosed in an aluminium frame. We can provide our insect screens in a variety of sizes and mesh gauges to suit customer needs.